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Vitreous Enamelled Panels

Vitreous or Porcelain Enamel has a long and established history of use in fine decorative and artistic works. Its characteristics resulted in works of art that were not only visually unique but of unrivalled durability.

The performance characteristics of Vitreous Enamel result in a material that will not rust, is resistant to chemical attack, abrasion and fire as well as being more durable than any other architectural cladding material. Please click here for a Performance Comparison of Vitreous Enamel Panels with other architectural cladding materials. In addition its versatility enables custom designs of all shapes and dimensions, the use of graphics and logos as well as a virtually unlimited colour range. Vitreous enamel is essentially glass fused to metal at high temperatures - the result is a homogeneous material with unrivalled chemical resistance, durability, versatility and colour fastness.

Ceratec is a specialist designer, worldwide supplier and installer of architectural Vitreous Enamel Cladding Systems with its Head Office in Hong Kong. Ceratec systems consist of subframe, fixings and Vitreous Enamelled Panels designed to client specifications and requirements.

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